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The big Building and Real Estate
combined Fair in NRW takes place
in the "Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund"
In spring 2003 (28.03.2003 - 30.03.2003)

We are very glad to welcome you as a visitor at our fair.

Do you want to get specialzed and specific information and to find solutions?
Are you interested in (ecological) building? Or in home property in Germany or abroad?
It does not matter if a new of an old building, a big or small investment: the Eco Building, Real Estate Fair and Vacation Property Fair offers you a substantial, informative and objective range from each branch. National and international exhibitors will consult you in a competent way and have time for you.
And the best is: You will not only have access to all three fairs with one ticket but also to more than 50 specialized lectures of noted referees! At no extra charge!
That means that there is no place like the "three-pack fair" where visitors interested in building and property find so much bundled information in one place and within the shortest possible time.

As a display window of the trade, the eco BAU combines (environmentally compatible, resource and energy-saving, innovative and permanent solutions, ideas and information as well as forward-looking products and services) and demand (ecology- minded (specialized) visitors, property, developers, tradesmen). More over, the eco BAU proofs that favourable and ecological building is not an opposite.The Eco Building is an aid to orientation for purchase decisions.

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Are you sick and tired about the high rents? Do you want to realize your dream of a new or a second property? The new supporting laws from the government and federal states as well as the favourable interest rates will ease your decision. On the Real Estate Fair, you will find hundreds of different "house types", prefabricated houses, flats, building sites, financing offers and and and. Or do you want to modernize your old building or to install a new heating or windows? Or are you interested in a new décor in your home? A wide range of offers all about planning, building and living is waiting for you on the Real Estate Fair 2003.

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Do you want to run away from the "polluted air" and the monotony of the tower blocks and settlements? Many people have made it already. More than 700.000 Germans have bought a property. An increasing number of Germans is buying property abroad: as a holiday home, capital investment or simply as a provision for old age. And every day, more than 200 purchases are added to these! More and more citizens want to pass their holiday in a sunny nature and in their own home. The Vacation Property Fair shows you what is offered on the market (in Germany and abroad).

offered range

place of exhibition
Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Rheinlanddamm 200
D-44139 Dortmund

duration and opening hours
28.03.2003 - 30.03.2003
from 09.00 - 18.00 hrs

8 EUR incl. a magazine with names
and addresses of all exhibitors
children up to 14 years are free of charge
The entrance includes the access to all
three fairs and all specialized lectures!

Ministry for Urban Development and Living,
Culture and Sport NRW
Dr. Michael Vesper

ECO-System GmbH International
Magnolienweg 13
D-48485 Neuenkirchen
Tel.: +49 (0) 59 73 / 9 64 41
Fax: +49 (0) 59 73 / 9 64 42